Personal Photo

Charles White & Mary Alice Wayne-White & their two assistants make up The White Team. Mary Alice has been a realtor at Keller Williams since 1992 when The Woodlands office first opened & for 2 years prior with 2 other local agencies. Prior to becoming a realtor Mary Alice owned & operated several businesses before and after moving to The Woodlands in 1980. Charles has owned & operated businesses as well as being in corporate sales and management. They believe, with their entrepreneurial experience, you are truly getting 2 experienced professionals for the price of one.

Some of their awards that they have received are Top Listing agent in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. In 1999 Mary Alice was voted to receive Keller Williams Eagle/Estelle Howard Memorial by her fellow agents. They have served on ALC, (All Leadership Council), which consists of the top 20 agents in the company, for 9 out of the 15 years with Keller Williams. They are both on Keller Williams’ All Star Relocation Team.

In addition to listing and selling real estate, they own and operate a property

management corporation. They are the main investors of most of the properties. They

allow their tenants out of their leases when they are ready to buy. Frequently they have

a rental available to their sellers if they need one.

On a personal note, Charles and Mary Alice were married April 1, 2000.They have 6

grown children all raised and graduates of The Woodlands schools. They also have

seven grandchildren that live nearby that they enjoy whenever they can. They are very

active in the Woodlands United Methodist Church. They are the Neighborhood Watch

co-coordinators and care leaders (from church) of their neighborhood. They have been

involved with community projects such as Meals on Wheels and Charles is the best

Santa at the seniors Christmas parties. Just ask anyone!